Happy Black History Month!! Today We Salute… The Stanky Attitude

Today we recognize the `Stanky Attitude`. Once confined to the main office of any school you walked into, the reception desk of welfare offices and ‘customer service’ booth of your local grocery store, but thanks to online degrees and the Americans with Disabilities Act you are free to share your misdirected anger and “what the fuck is that smell” face with the world..

Irene Gibson did not invent the stanky attitude but she did perfect it, her ‘neck roll’ was so fierce and intense people swore they could hear it over the phone!  Irene could be seen walking into work every day wearing knee highs and house shoes.  Even though she carried a pair of shoes more acceptable for work, she kept her house shoes on all day.  She only put her ‘work’ shoes on one time that anyone could remember, November 29, 1997 when R&B singer Freddie Jackson came by to visit his 3rd cousin-once-removed on his daddy’s side, that worked in Accounting.  Once when her manager asked if she could stay an extra 15 minutes Irene made Stanky history with her reply “Hell to the N’aw” giving stanky women and women having a ‘stanky moment’ a motto. Go girl, go!!

The stanky attitude is easily identifiable by their statements:

“My boss ain’t shit”

“My man ain’t shit”

“My brother ain’t shit”

“My cousin ain’t shit”

“My family ain’t shit”

“You ain’t shit”
“I’ll be back after I take a shit”

“She think she the shit”

“He think his shit don’t stink”

“I don’t give a shit”

The stanky attitude has only been seen listening to one song, “Not Gon’ Cry” by Mary J. Blige, singing “I SHOULD HAVE LEFT YOUR ASS A THOUSAND TIMES” louder than any other line in the song.  Stank-stank, as people call them behind their back, gains strength in believing everyone is wrong even though they have not made a comment based in facts since the 2nd grade.  When called out and proven wrong the Stanky Attitude replies the same way every time “hmmph” and then walks away humming “I should have left your ass…”.  The loudest laugh in the room, so loud it makes you stop laughing to make sure the spit flying out their mouth isn’t landing anywhere on you.  So with the utmost respect we honor the Stanky Attitude, the ghetto, the office, and church would be so much more pleasant without you.  Here`s to you Stanky Attitude… as if you care.


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