Happy Black History Month!! Today We Salute… Nurse Mary Shole

Nurse Mary Shole on April 29, 2010 was forced to work a second shift, in Labor and Delivery, even though there were more than enough nurses on staff that evening.  Nurse Shole was hoping to leave on time, the night before she caught her boyfriend cheating on her, with the assistance of Joey Greco and the TV show Cheaters.

Nurse Shole’s head was hurting, not from the long day or the stress from catching her boyfriend cheating, but from the right hook she caught from the big chick her man was caught with.  Nurse Shole spent much of the day trying to find a quiet dark room, lying about her black eye, and submitting resumes to new jobs in hopes of avoiding being embarrassed in front of her co-workers the day after that episode of Cheaters airs.  Nurse Mary Shole was having a rough day on April 29, 2010.

Nurse Mary Shole on April 29, 2010 assisted in the birth of a little girl.  Although this was a difficult task considering Nurse Shole was hoping to have a child with her boyfriend, it did help that the baby’s father of this child was nowhere to be seen.  Nurse Shole was only 31-years-old, still young enough to have children however when she took the punch to the head from the big chick her boyfriend was cheating on her with Nurse Shole was pretty sure she could feel it in her uterus.  Nurse Shole simply assisted the doctor and regular nurses in Labor and Delivery and was charged with getting vitals and information of the baby.

When Nurse Shole asked what the baby’s name was this when her courage under fire was displayed.  The mom of the baby girl replied “Diamondniqua Chardanay” without hesitation Nurse Shole jumped into action and slapped the shit out of the mother and called a social worker to remove this child from the custody of her parent, because the mother was obviously crazy. We will never know why Nurse Shole made the brave choice to save this child from a future of Human Resource departments throwing her resume out, only after reading her name.

Was it Nurse Mary Shole’s belief that made up ghetto names are a crime to the child, her desire to see Black people recognize that a child’s name should not be a curse on their life, the blow she took to the head the night before.  Whatever it was that made Nurse Shole respond this way did two things:  It saved a child from going through awkward moments while a substitute teacher taking attendance had to take an additional 15 seconds trying to sound hers out and it got Nurse Mary Shole fired, so she didn’t have to see her co-workers when her episode of Cheaters was aired 8 months later.  The state assumed responsibility in naming the child.  Unfortunately the baby girl became the first girl named Gladys since The Pips cosigned for Ms. Knight on Midnight Train to Georgia.

Today we honor Nurse Mary Shole, parents that name their children sensible names and the television show Cheaters.  Cheaters has featured more people with names ending in –iesha, -iqua, -ondra, and –gelo than any other show in American History.  Here’s to you Nurse Shole, hope the swelling went down.


3 thoughts on “Happy Black History Month!! Today We Salute… Nurse Mary Shole

  1. I have always said that one of the perks of having a baby is getting to name it, so I reseve judgement, at least in front of the parents, as to what they name their little bundle of joy. But come on people, use a little sense! Africa is a big continent! You can’t tell me that all the names from that big place end in -iesha and -iqua!

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