Happy Black History Month!!! Today We Salute… Irene Gibson

It is always wonderful when we can recognize individuals, those people that made such strides in their field that they inspired others.  Today we get to recognize such a person, Irene Gibson did not invent the Stank Ass Attitude but she did perfect it.  Call her what you want to, just don’t do it to her face or too early in the morning.  She was not the first person to give you a ‘mmm hmmm’, snap their finger when trying to get your attention, or laugh so loud it popped your eardrums but nobody ever did it better.  Her ‘neck roll’ was so fierce; people swore they could hear it over the phone!

Her attitude was absolutely nasty, she first rolled her eyes at the tender age of 3 at her minister because he said she “looked nice too” after he told another little girl she was ‘looking really cute today’.  The minister had to take five minutes out of the service to pray for little Irene, however this only made her feel justified in her actions.  From that day on, Irene Gibson knew it was important to show-your-ass anytime you felt like it… and she did.

In high school, one day, she wore a mini-skirt so short when she bent over you could see her throat.  When asked to report to the Principal’s Office regarding her inappropriate dress and that she needed to go home and change, young Miss Irene (Ms. Gibson, because she’s nasty) ran the principal DOWN…

“uh uh no you di’nt tell me to go change any of my clothes.  You don’t look nothing like my daddy!  You got the receipt for this skirt… hell I look good!  You wish your wife looked this good.  You wish them skank ass looking daughters of yours looked THIS good.  Your son know I look good, speaking of your son, can you tell him to stop calling me, with his cheap ass… and another thang Principal Don’t Know A Damn Thing About Nothing, you shouldn’t be telling anybody anything with your fowl ass breath.  Here’s a tic-tac put it in your mouth and shut the hell up.  Now you got me late for Ms. Mitchell’s class and you know I can’t stand that heffa and that heffa can’t stand me.  You betta hope to God in the sky she don’t say nothing to me.  If she do when I get done telling her about herself I will be back here to make sure you finished that tic-tac and give you directions to buy your own.  Are we through?”  Then she switched out the office, leaving the door open behind her, a classic stank-ass move.

Once when her manager asked if she could stay an extra 15 minutes to discuss a project she was leading.  Irene made Stanky history with her reply “Hell to the N’aw” giving stank-ass women and women having a ‘stank-ass moment’ a motto. Gon’ girl!!  As far as we know, Irene Gibson is the only person in history to get out of a traffic ticket by cussing a cop out… DAMN THAT’S STANKY!

Today we recognize the always pissed Irene Gibson and the `Stank Ass Attitude`.   Thanks to Ms. Gibson, what was once confined to the main office of any school you walked into, the customer service desk of department stores and Help Desk of your insurance company, stank-ass people are now free to share their misdirected anger and permanent “something stink” face with the world.  Because of her, online degrees, and the American’s with Disabilities Act of 1990 the stank-ass attitude is everywhere you go.  Here’s to you Irene Gibson, with your stank-ass self… as if you care.  I can hear you saying “I don’t givva fuhhk about being honored” right now.


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