Happy Black History Month!!! Today We Salute… The Chinese Lady

The Chinese lady that owned the beauty store in the hood, from silky straight to deep wave weaves, from synthetic to remi human she had you covered.  Every Friday night you had to stop off and see her so your beautician would have everything you needed her to have to have you looking straight after your Saturday morning appointment.  When your girl’s shop only carried Isoplus No-Lye, but you preferred Aphogee… the Chinese Lady always had your back.  Even though we could never get the courage to ask her if the one Asian lady with the long hair on Soul Train was her sister, we had no problems letting her know that we were fake as could be by sharing our ‘real hair’ secrets with her.

Money tight, cannot afford to get a new purse?  The Chinese Lady got the fake Gucci bags too so you could be on looking fine at whatever NBA players birthday party or the Jamie Foxx after set you are sneaking into tonight.  Knock off everything is available at the Chinese Lady’s store.  I once got a copy of Snoop Dogg’s “Doggy Style”, a boot-leg video of “Above the Rim”, and a fake Cross Colors denim jacket from there… all at least a week before they were ‘officially’ released.

The store always looked like everything was tossed around and you had to dig for what you needed but that was not the case at all.  Once you figured out du-rags were near the satin scarf’s, just follow a sista that just got her hair done and your waves will be tighter than a Republicans jaw after the 2008 elections.  Need a wig cap, don’t go near the wigs… find the bobby pens.  Bobby pens are mostly used by woman to hold down their $45 Bori wig, where else should you place the wig caps?

There was a method to the Chinese Lady’s madness, or you could just ask and face an uncomfortable 4 minute conversation where neither of you can understand each other then she angrily walks from around the counter and points at the item, which is right behind you screaming ‘Here!!! It’s right here!!!  You don’t understand English or something?”

We were a little upset when she bought the store next door, opened up a nail shop and put her kids to work.  She put your cousin’s, Ree-ree and n’em, out of business, but who can stay upset at someone offering $20 mani’s with pedi’s!!! But when she got that knock off Obama gear she was even cool to Ree-ree and all n’em!  The Chinese lady’s name was Ms. Park, which is a traditionally Korean name, but to Black people ‘they all Chinese’.  I will see you in 2 years when it is time for me to buy another can of Murray’s Hair Dressing Pomade… until then Happy Black History Month to the Chinese Lady for this year and next year, unless I lose my soft bristle hair brush and I have to stop off in there in 2012


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