Happy Black History Month!! In Memorium

As we approach the end of Black History Month we need to take time to pay tribute to and take a moment of silence for those no longer around.

Philadelphia soul man the late great Harold Melvin

West Coast Hip Hop pioneer DJ Yella

All time great football player Terrell Owens

Former Republican candidate for President of the United States Herman Cain

Herman Cain’s hoes

Tiger Woods inside a winner’s circle

The careers of actors after starring in Tyler Perry movies

Mya… after she turned 30

Big Tigger, A.J and Free

The NBA Slam Dunk competition

Jesse Jackson’s integrity

Self respect and Pride

Leroy from “The Last Dragon”

Black on Black love

Job opportunities for people with names ending in –niqua

Positive role models

Your pops!

Pelle Pelle gear

Juan Williams at Republican debates

The Old Spice guy

Money that is suppose to go to your church building fund

African American families on major network television

Steve Harvey’s hair, wigs, and hats

Accepting collect calls from nigga’s in the joint

Writing letter’s to nigga’s locked up in the joint

The careers of everyone in Destiny’s Child not named Beyonce

We take a moment of silence for all of you… MOMENT OVER!


2 thoughts on “Happy Black History Month!! In Memorium

  1. Steve’s wig? Ha! I’m waiting for him to trim that cowboy mustache.
    Kelly’s really been trying. I think she’d had her only hit.
    Maybe we’ve seen the best of Janet too. I like Janet, so I won’t say much on her.
    Lisa Raye, The Real McCoy reality show is gone. Not enough people knew about her or it anyway.

    1. The mustache is staying… I was shocked when I found out Steve Harvey wore a wig. About ten years ago I was working with Lavelle Crawford and mentioned how I wish I had Steve Harvey’s barber because his line was always TIGHT! Lavelle and his manager broke out laughing and told me he was bald and has been wearing a piece then eventually a wig for years. It would kill him to for people to know and when he had a hat on it was because he couldn’t get the piece/wig to sit right so he made hats a part of his 7-button suit ensemble.

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