If I Was Dead…


Nobody would ever be hurt by me

I would never disappoint another person

Never would people have to question me or my motives

If I never had to take another breath of air

It would not matter if there was anyone to care


Nobody would hurt me, when I think they love me

I would never feel pain

Never have to wake up and pray for a better day than the last

If I never had another heart beat

It would not matter what people said about me


Nobody could tell my son something against me

I would never be more than a face in a picture to him

Never would I let him down by telling him no

If I never lived another day

Nobody could ever take my son away…



3 thoughts on “If I Was Dead…

  1. thank you for this –

    On My Square says:
    November 29, 2011 at 9:55 pm (Edit)
    AWESOME!!! I have been there. Best advice I ever got… BE NERVOUS!!! Use that nervous energy to your benefit. Kill it!

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