I need to write and my options are limited.  If I can put out a few hundred words a day and one person reads it, I feel like I am alive.


57 thoughts on “On My Square

  1. Stopped by to say thank you for subscribing to my humorous stories. There are 22 so far, and I post every Thursday night. Please drop by and read the past stories because, hopefully, they will make you laugh. 🙂 All the best!

  2. Thanks for the like! I’ll check back here often; your stuff makes me laugh and you write really well, which is very unusual and refreshing in this day and age.
    Hope you visit Girl In a Beanie again, as well!
    -Girl in a Beanie

  3. Thanks for the like on my post at gianforeheadwatch.wordpress.com! Just got done reading some of your posts and you had me rolling in laughter! Keep the posts coming, I’ll definitely be back for more!

  4. it’s so great that you WRITE ~ no matter how little.
    it’s not how many words you put down, it’s how you put them down and the fact you put them down. so great that it can be shared nowadays via the internet.
    for me, writing energizes and enthuses and keeps my brain in tune with things i care about.
    take care!

  5. I read some of your posts and I don’t know why you feel that your “options are limited.” I hope you’re submitting opinion pieces to publications. If you aren’t, you should.

  6. love the simplicity of your joy. i will take your words with me… “if one person reads it i feel alive”. your humility is refreshing. keep letting your words bring truth.

  7. Keep the words flowing…keep the heart pumping….you’ve got a reader here. Thanks for “liking” my post. Let’s keep each other alive.

  8. Thank you for the like on my post Motherhood Not for the Squeamish on WordPress.com. I’ll be checking out your stories also.

  9. What’s going on good brother, wanted to acknowledge you have some good reads here man. Very entertaining thus far… I’m always open to feedback on my site as well

  10. To everyone, sorry I have not been able to respond to all the comments… I think most of you know I have been busy. I am finding time to write again, 2 AM wake ups mean I can’t fall back to sleep so I am typing away up until 4 in the morning.

    Once I figure out how to get the links straight I will write a blog thanking all of you individually.

  11. onmysquare, thanks for visiting my blog and the like. I loved reading about your experience becoming a new father. It took me back 6 years ago when my daughter was born; with the doula and all. My labor was a lot shorter, so I didn’t get a chance to become angry and hostile. : ) Congratulations!

    I’m new to your blog and still reading.

  12. Those 2 sentences have just empowered me some more! Thank you for sharing and being OPEN! Know that your thoughts that are placed onto this blog will be read.

    Keep the Faith,

    V.D. Coleman

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