Suppression vs. Expansion (it’s not the economy it’s your voting rights… STUPID)

I have been silent for two months, because I needed to shut up and observe.  I needed to take as much information in as possible from as many sources as possible.  Politics does and has always fascinated me, so much so I changed my major from journalism to political science as a sophomore at Indiana University.  There is nothing comfortable about politics so there is nothing comfortable about political debate.  You do not have to run for office, have a primetime slot on FOX News or MSNBC, or have a blog to feel heat for your opinions, you just share them.

As much as race, gender, workers’ rights, health care, and a host of other social issues will decide the vote for people on November 6, 2012 nothing will decide who is elected to countless offices in this country more than voter suppression or expansion.  Simply put in this country, considering current social agendas, the more voters that show up the more likely it is liberals/progressives grab control.  The party most in touch with the concerns of the ‘common man’ tends to win if they can get more common people out to the polls.  This has been true since Reconstruction, when the Republican Party was considered to be a better representative of the concerns of those most in need of government support to find access to the American dream.  This did not guarantee that those elected would put into place the programs and services wanted by their constituents but it did mean a measure of safety from those seeking to move in a different direction.


When considering what to expect this November nationally and locally remember that equation.  P is probability, B is benefit, D is civic duty, and C is time.  The battle of voter suppression vs. expansion is simply time, how much time it will take for an individual to not only vote but to register to vote.  The probability that a person’s vote will effect an election combined with their belief that the person they vote for will carry themselves in a way that will benefit them plus how committed an individual voter is not only to their voting rights, but their social and political beliefs, must outweigh the amount of time any individual voter is willing to give to register to vote and then vote… for them to vote.

Time, political strategists figured out a long time ago the longer it takes for someone to vote the more restrictive the process becomes and the less those that feel disenfranchised are likely to take the steps necessary to become registered voters.  Every voting act since the end of slavery was attacks on the time of those that can least afford to give time.  Jim Crow laws to prevent Blacks in the South were attacks on time.  To pay a poll tax would mean putting in countless of hours to earn the money needed to pay your tax and still provide for your family, literacy tests would require time to catch a person up to the educational level needed to answer the questions.  Yes both could be reached and some Blacks did work hard to meet both of those requirements but the sacrifice was time.

More recently some counties and states have moved to purge the voting rights of many.  Example being the States of Georgia and Michigan removing the rights of registered voters based on foreclosure lists and/or returned mail as proof an individual may not live in the county or state that registered.  Time again is the tool being used, if you are still a resident of that county and state you now have to take time to prove you live where you say you live.  When your residency is challenged it is challenged on every level; you must prove your citizenship, you must prove your identity, you must prove your residency, and you must prove you did not commit fraud.  If you no longer live in the county or state where you were born it can take up to 12 weeks in some cases to receive your birth certificate.  If you need identification you may need your birth certificate… you get the idea.  A lot of time, of course many will argue that the right to vote is worth your time and add-on to those arguments that many people who do not vote have plenty of FREE time.  No matter what your economic status, nobody has free time.

Ironically those that would seem to have the least amount of time are actually those that can make time to prove their right to vote or challenge any questions about their rights.  Those that do not feel the need for government ‘safe guards’ usually can take time off from work, paid time or just leave the office for however long it takes to get the necessary documentation required to register to vote.  Again, time is not free, when I need to take time off of work there are benefits in place for me to receive my pay for that time I am missing from work.  An hourly employee, someone making minimum wage, a single parent that needs to pick their kids up from school, may not have the time to prove that as an American citizen they have the right to vote.

In the 2008 November election the states of Georgia and Ohio attacked time… specifically time.  Making registered voters wait between 2 to 10 hours to vote.  In Franklin County, Ohio the Attorney General had to order polls to stay open longer to allow voters that wanted to vote, the time and the opportunity to vote.  In the 2010 Maryland election for governor a campaign manager for Republican candidate Bob Ehrlich ordered calls to phone numbers of people considered to be most likely African-American, on Election Day.  Those calls were made to seem as if they were coming from Democratic Party officials’ informing them the election was an obvious land slide, nothing else to do but stay home and wait for the results, in other words “don’t waste your time voting”.  This campaign manager was convicted for his actions, but it was revealed that the chief strategy considered for this campaign was voter suppression.

These are games played by both parties; Democrats usually work by redistricting which is also done by Republicans.  Though I believe if you have earned the votes to make those moves, you can.  I may not like it or agree with it, but if it is in the rules than those challenging you will have to fight harder and do a better job of organizing to stop you.  Usually these fights are decided in the courts and if gerrymandering is discovered than those plans cannot move forward, that is what a ‘safe guard’ really is about.  Time, how much time do you have to make a statement.  How much time is worth for you to give to make sure your voice is heard?

PB+D is not always greater than C


Happy Black History Month!! Today We Salute… Our 1%

Today I would like to take time and personally thank the 1% in the Black community.  Our 1% is not like the country’s 1%, our 1 Percent’ers are making a difference.  We all must thank EVERY person that is working everyday to make our communities better places for our kids, our grandparents and for us all. All of you deserve acknowledgement… Thank you and thank you too.  Both of you are doing an underwhelming job of changing our neighborhoods.

Two people, yep that’s all.  Where ever you go across the country in any Black community you will find both of them.  One of them creates a community garden so everyone can pick fresh herbs and ripe tomatoes, organizes a day to clean up the park or the main street.  They go and check on the sick neighbors and bring them food.  If something horrible happens in the community and news camera’s show up, they speak glowingly of the good in the community while providing factual information around the incident that attracted the news crews to show up to the block.

What do they get for their efforts?  The day the community garden was to open up, everyone walks out to find the garden has already been raided by the people in the community.  Nobody knows who did it, but everyone talks about how good their “fried green tomatoes are going to taste tonight”.  The day to clean up the park or the street… nobody shows up.  While out cleaning the garbage out the street the police show up and issue them a citation for not obtaining a permit from the city to be in the street and then union reps representing the workers that should be doing the work show up yelling at the good-heartened citizen about how they are taking dollars out the pockets of city workers that need their jobs.

The day to clean up the park, well that went fine only problem was as soon as they finished cleaning the school let out across the street and all the kids walked through leaving candy wrappers and empty bags of Cheeto’s Flaming Hots behind them… the exact amount of garbage they took 7 hours picking up and then they started shooting.  Checking on the sick neighbor… on the way out got robbed by someone that sounded a lot like the sick person’s bad-ass grandson for the little bit of cash they had left after they went grocery shopping for the food to prepare the meal that was prepared.  Never made it to the news that night, but you guys know this one… the producers at Channel Zero decided to use the footage of foolish toothless person that “seen’t ERR-THANG”.

The other person that does good in the neighborhood, by trying to keep the community safe, is truly trying to make a difference.  They refuse to live in fear, believe that senior citizens should not hide in their homes after 4:00 PM, believe every child’s life is special and should not be taken down by a senseless act of violence.  So they take time to organize a neighborhood watch, tell the police of anything they heard, and tell their neighbors what to ‘look out for’.  They tell gangbangers to get off of their street, show up to court to testify against those they witnessed commit crimes.  Promote positive activities for the neighborhood kids to take part in so gang leaders cannot recruit those kids to join their sets.  This one person has no fear and once stood in front of a gunman trying to shoot a child for not having money he owed him and defiantly said “you gonna have to shoot me too”.  That person, that brave soul in our community… well they had a beautiful funeral and that night on the news the toothless fool actually shed a tear for them as she repeatedly cried “WHYYYYYYYYY” in front of a live shot on the 10 o’clock Channel Zero news.

Happy Black History Month to the African-American 1%, unfortunately in our community it is the 99% that is holding YOU down.  We honor and respect both and you can say without a moment of doubt when questioned about the condition of your community… “it ain’t my fault”. Happy Black History Month to one of you… RIP to the other one!  We put your picture on a T-shirt and had a bar-b-que at the park in your honor; right after the other good-hearted person had just cleaned it up.  We would have cleaned up after we were through, but they started shooting.

Happy Black History Month!!! Today We Salute… The Hater

Today we salute the most controversial person of all the people we will honor in Black History Month… The Hater.  People say the best way to deal with the Hater is to ignore them, but Haters are not to be ignored, they refuse to be ignored, they will not let you ignore them, and you should not ignore them.  The Hater is confirmation that what you are doing is impressive.  So keep doing it!  Remember when you were good at baseball and everyone told you how well you were doing?  What happened?  You didn’t want to play baseball the next year, instead you learned how to smoke weed with your friends without getting caught.  Remember when your teacher told that you were good at Biology and that you should think about being a doctor?  Now you are pulling double-shifts at Wendy’s trying to keep a roof over your head and looking at those ‘you can still get a degree’ commercials they show during Judge Judy in the afternoon, like you still have hope.

You need the Hater; there was that time your brother told you that you would never beat him.  Within a year you were kicking his ass up and down the block, he started locking his door at night out of fear that you would walk in at 3 in the morning and resume the ass whupping.  Think about the time your friends said you couldn’t dance and laughed at you for hours, then days, then weeks about it.  That became a running joke on the block, so much so you stopped hanging out and stood in front of your TV watching Rap City and 106th and Park until you learned how to do the Bankhead Bounce, the Harlem Shake… the Roger Rabbit.  By the time the Spring Dance rolled up, you were killing it on the dance floor (if you did learn the Roger Rabbit, you were hurting the ankles of the person dancing behind you), man you were coming in 2nd and 3rd place at lunch hour dance competitions!  How about that time your ex told you that you would never amount to shit?  Well, the jury is still out on that one, but you are still trying to prove them wrong!  See, praise does nothing for you but a Hater can turn your whack ass into a star.

You think Barack Obama always wanted to be president?  Hell no, that brother wanted to be Dr. J, but you try being the only Black dude walking around a private high school in Hawaii, he got sick of being ignored by everyone but the basketball coach.  As soon as he could, took his but to the main land, started off in Cali, then finished up hitting the East Coast, finally settling in Chicago where a brotha has to be a brotha.  Before you knew it that dude was walking around the hood talking to people like he grew up on the South Side, eating rib tips, and eventually got him a big booty sista as confirmation of how you do the damn thing!  You see how he walked up to the podium after they killed Bin Laden?  You don’t “learn” that walk… you EARN that walk.  You earn it by putting Haters in their place.  He has Haters now, Mitt Romney, let the unemployment rate dip below 8% in the next couple of months, when people come to see Obama talk they are going to have to wait a couple of minutes from the time he gets to mic to when he says his first word.  Long enough for him to take off his hat, get a swig out his glass, and put on his sunglasses… so he can see what he’s saying!!

Remember how George Jefferson was walking during the opening credits of “The Jefferson’s”?  Remember how hard he was pimping as he escorted his woman into their new building up to their ‘deluxe penthouse in the sky-i-i’?  That was the first time George had ever walked like that, if you look really close you can see and lip read Weezy’s mouth you can see her saying “why in the fuck are you walking like that”?  He had no idea that was the first time he had ever walked like that.  People called it a ‘pimp’, that was not a ‘pimp walk’ that was George stepping on every Hater in his life.  With each step he crushed another Hater, “take that Archie Bunker”!

People focus on their ‘swag’ now; you cannot have swagga without having Haters.  When you see a 16-year-old kid walking around dressed like a fake member of Young Money, claiming that is their ‘swag’ they do not have it.  When you have Haters you do not need to dress a certain way, you just carry yourself a certain way.  You do not need skinny jeans that would just give the Hater another reason to hate on you.

You eventually realize there is nothing you can do about Haters, but appreciate their hate.  The Hater will talk about how your brand new, fresh off the lot, BMW 650i “ain’t all that”, then turn around and ask you for a ride to the ‘sto’.  A Hater will clown you about your new higher paying job, then send you an email at your work account asking if “y’all hiring”.  The Hater will disrespect your new home, tell you it is too small, that the neighborhood sucks, that they wouldn’t be caught dead over there, but they never miss a cookout and is the last one to leave.  The Hater looks at your watch and say “its a’ight”, then pop up 3 weeks later with a fake TAG Heuer and act like it the most expensive thing in the room.  Don’t get upset and challenge the Hater, you might beat the brakes off the Hater all the Hater will do is get up, wipe the blood from their lips and tell you his little brother and sister hit him harder than that when they were kids.

Let your Hater be your motivation, matter of fact any time you have spent too much time with your Hater go home and put on “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland.  Zone out for a few minutes and let your success show itself to you.

The saying ‘behind every successful man is a great woman’ is only partly true.  It should actually be gender neutral and more to the point “Behind every successful person, is a Hater… still hating on them”.  Keep doing you, you are fine and close to reaching your goals.  We need our Haters, so today let’s celebrate the Hater in our communities.  Call your Hater today and thank them for everything they haven’t done for you.  The only thing The Hater has ever done and will ever do is give birth to some hating ass kids. But if you do not know who The Hater is in your life… Hi Hater!

Happy Black History Month!! Today We Salute… The Thug ‘As A Fashion Statement’

As important as the ‘Jheri Curl’ or the ‘Zipper’ jacket Michael Jackson wore in the “Beat It” video.  Bigger than an Andre 3000 bow tie or Throw-back jersey with some S. Carter Reeboks and dookie gold rope chains, the Thug ‘as a fashion statement’ has lasted longer than the careers and lives of rappers. 20 years ago rappers started dressing like they were going to rob their fans.  NWA came on the scene and even though they looked tough, nobody could remember seeing their local gang member walking down the street in a black Raiders hat with matching $200 Starters jacket.  That changed after an arrest and eventual release from jail of Tupac Shakur.  Tupac emerged from a precinct after making bail, spitting on camera men and cussing… acting like a real G!  From that point on, people wanted to dress like they were ‘real’.

In 1994, a group out of Cleveland, Ohio emerged and changed not only the sound of rap for a brief period, but changed fashion… for a really long time.  When people became fascinated by the sound from the song “Thuggish Ruggish Bone”, they ached to see who these guys were.  When the video “Foe the Love of Money” appeared on BET (where else), people finally saw what a ‘thug’ wore.  Looking like they were in the same clothes they rode the Greyhound bus to Los Angeles wearing, young men began to dress like they couldn’t afford anything else, on purpose.  Bones Thugs and Harmony not only made Eazy E relevant again; they put iron and ironing board manufacturers out of business.  They also saved a lot of money on the wardrobe budget… MO WEED MO WEED MO WEED!

Schools across the country had to issue uniforms to offset a student body looking as if they would shoot you for getting a Master’s in Education.  This did not stop the thug ‘as a fashion’ statement, the thug ‘as a fashion statement’ is intelligent in his ignorance; “you want me to wear a uniform?  I won’t put on the belt”.  The thug ‘as a fashion’ statement never grew out of (or into) their choice of clothes.  They became 35-year-olds with a closet full of oversized jeans, 40 pairs of Nikes but not a pair of slacks or dress shoes for a job interview.  The thug ‘as a fashion statement’ helped society in one major way… it let companies know who not to hire.  The unemployment rate has been tied to trends in the economy, bad decisions by the Federal government, even the greed of Wall Street.  High unemployment rates can also be tied directly to a large number of people in the ‘hiring pool’ that don’t own a tie and think their whitest T-shirt is appropriate interview attire.

The Thug ‘as a fashion statement’ has a hard time making connections.  He questions why the police are always stopping him when walking down the street.  He fails to make the connection that REAL thugs only wear hooded sweatshirts, in 90 degree heat, when they have something to hide… like when they are trying to hide their gun or their face, after they have used their gun.  Police are trained to stop people who look like they are hiding a gun, they learned this in class they took while in the police academy called “Characteristics of Individuals Carrying Guns” which has been retitled “What Thugs Wear”.  Those characteristics happen to be the style of choice for the Thug ‘as a fashion statement’, oversized clothes to hide the bulk of a weapon, pants sagging from the bulk of a weapon, walking slow as if the they are being slowed down from the weight from the bulk of a weapon.  The Thug ‘as a fashion statement’, thinks that looks cool… because the thug ‘as a fashion statement’ is stupid.

Real thugs have learned that when a cop stops you, talk to him.  If you act like you have nothing to hide and not give a police officer a reason to arrest you, the cop probably won’t arrest you… cops do not like writing ‘arrest reports’.  The Thug ‘as a fashion statement’ always runs and he is always caught.  Because he is not wearing a belt, so his pants fall to his ankles, causing him to trip and fall, allowing the fat cop to slowly walk over to him and place him in handcuffs.

Real thugs dress like this out of necessity or lack of money to afford better.  The Thug ‘as a fashion statement’ can actually afford to buy proper and better fitting clothing.  Instead they shop at “Thugs Iz Us” and pay 200 percent more for a style a real thug gets from the Dickies section at Wal-Mart or from his older brother after he grows out of it.

The Thug ‘as a fashion statement’, believes that the world is against them and that everybody hates them because they are constantly being jumped and attacked by large groups of teenagers.  When in reality, the thug ‘as a fashion statement’ fails to realize that real thugs beat up anyone in a ‘thug uniform’ they do not recognize.  It is a defense mechanism for real thugs; they have come to learn that people they do not recognize that look like they are carrying guns are probably carrying guns.

What is most upsetting to grown men, that act like grown men and dress like grown men, about the Thug ‘as a fashion statement’ is not the embarrassment they feel when they see men from their community looking ignorant.  Not even the initial fear that comes across them when they see the Thug ‘as a fashion statement’ until they realize they are not real thugs.  What is most upsetting to grown men, that act like grown men and dress like grown men, is that at least 3 times a week because the Thug ‘as a fashion statement’ is not wearing a belt they look at another man’s ass to realize they have on the same pair of draws!

Because you are not going anywhere, reluctantly we honor you the Thug ‘as a fashion statement’.  Even though the rappers that influenced your style opted for $3,000 suits as soon as they could afford them (have you seen T.I. in a crooked hat and sagging jeans since his third album?  Nope), even though we tried our best to forget about you for some reason you held on until we had to embrace you.  Kind of like Betty White, you out lived everyone in your generation until we had no choice but to give you a Life Time Achievement Award… The Thug ‘as a fashion statement’ the “Betty White” of Black History Month.  Please accept this award, this job application, and this belt.  You can either put it on and wear it at an appropriate level or we can whup your ass with it, the choice is yours.

HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH!!! Today We Salute Flava Aid

HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! Flava Aid, not KOOL AID. You did not notice when mom started buying cheaper meat or the off brand vanilla cream cookies or saltines instead of Ritz, but when you saw Flava Aid instead of Kool Aid you knew your family had some money problems.

That day you helped your mother with the groceries, you put the pork steaks instead of the usual pot roast in the freezer without a question.  Grabbed the store brand loaf of bread out the bag, not once did you question where the Wonder or Sara Lee bread is at.  But when you pulled out 50 packs of Flava Aid instead of the 20 packs of Kool Aid you became use to, you screamed out “Flava Aid… why you being so cheap?  What you be doing with your money?”  Learning two very important lessons at that moment, your mother has a serious left hook and don’t ever question her about how she spends her money.  The next thing that crosses your mind, after  you stop seeing stars, is that times is rough and how can this happen to your family.  You go to church, you don’t steal anything other than your neighbors cable and they are tapped into their neighbor’s cable so the original sin is on them anyway.

The Flava Aid revelation now has you more than interested in stock market ticker at the bottom of that one  boring channel you zoom by on your way to watch BET.  Unfortunately you don’t know what Kool Aid’s ticker symbol is, so your theory that the cost of Kool Aid has sky rocketed will remain unfounded.

“WHY DID MOMMY NOT INVEST IN KOOL AID???  We would be rich; I would be belly deep in purple Kool Aid right now if she did.”

That’s okay the president speaks tonight to the nation, he will surely address the rising cost of high quality drink mixes.  At 8:00 PM that night, you are in front of the television with an ice cold glass of water (you’re still not a hundred percent sure of that cheap stuff)…

“Mr. President, I could sure use your leadership right now.  War?  Crimes against humanity?  The right thing to do?  Man please… who elected this clown!  My mommy can’t afford my drank, deal with the issues man!  I can’t wait until I can vote.”

The next day you are at school, in English class your teacher asks you to draft a letter to someone you miss.  Your letter to the “Hey Kool Aid Man” is heartfelt, emotional… you get a “B” on it, but your teacher writes a referral to the school social worker about possible ‘issues’. You do not have time to talk answer questions from a professional about ‘uncles’ and point at puppets, you have to get to Chemistry class.  Dammit you will make your own Kool Aid!  How hard can it be?  Sugar, ground up Jolly Ranchers, and water… off you go!

Okay, that didn’t work out Kool Aid is not as easy as you thought it would be and while trying to ground up the Jolly Ranchers into a fine powdery substance, a piece broke off and hit that slow kid in his eye.

“Detention, I have to serve detention for trying to help financially challenged kids.  Oh well, Martin Luther King went to jail for his beliefs, an hour in the library for mine is worth it if it means a better life for all.”

Heck, half your friends are in detention so not so bad.  Plus, you all can kick it at your house after school, play Nintendo, and drink Kool… FUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGG.  Now you have 4 thirsty and judgmental ‘friends’ on their way to your house and they keep asking if you have red or green Kool Aid in the fridge.  You cannot stand privileged kids.  The fear that you feel creeping up on you as you near your house is only trumped by your outrage at the government for allowing it’s citizens to reach such levels of poverty.

You arrive at home with 4 ‘rich kids’ following you, your mom meets you at the door.  No company!!! Punishment???  Yes, I am on punishment!  Awesome.  I had to deal with a backhand left hand from mom and a possible concussion… but questioning where mom’s money was going has turned out to be an ego saving move.

“Bye… I gotta go clean my room and take out the garbage.  Thank God!”

Next day at school you figure the need to take interest in history class for the first time.  You want to know about the history of Kool Aid, which excites the class.  Everybody wants to talk about Kool Aid.  Who wouldn’t, until one kid asks the teacher if it is true that a man killed a bunch of people by poisoning their Kool Aid.  WHAT???  The teacher tells the class that the incident was at Jonestown and adds an interesting note about what they were drinking, “people for years have said it was Kool Aid they mixed up, actually it was Flava Aid”… you’re definitely not drinking that shit now.  And how stupid were those people to follow a broke cult.  If you ever join a cult they will have a lot of money and if you ever notice them switching out the Kool Aid for Flava Aid you know what’s going down and that the guy next to you is welcome to your glass.

Eventually, your mom pulls into the driveway with a small bag of Kool Aid and all is well again.  You’re not going to lose the house, you won’t have to spend your weekends walking around town with a stolen cart from the local Safeway collecting aluminum cans on the side of the road.  You can sleep peacefully again, knowing that your family has survived a serious financial crisis.  So on this 3rd day of Black History Month we salute Flava Aid, knock off drink mix, the drink of choice of deranged insecure cult leaders everywhere, and economic indicator for little Black kids.

Happy Black History Month!!! Today We Salute MC Shoot U

After the death of Tupac Shakur hip-hop lost its way, the Bling-Bling days, then the Mafioso days, and most recently the “How dare you pick up a microphone without having a parole officer” days.

One of the hottest rappers of the last 3 years has ‘kept it real’ without any question.  He has an arrest record that has to be kept on three different hard drives; he has spent so much time behind prison bars walking down the street on a bright sunny day is his biggest fear.  MC Shoot U has been signed to 8 different record deals before he ever officially released a song.  He lost 5 record deals because within days of agreeing with the labels he landed back in jail and they expired before he was released.  He lost 1 record deal because he liked the watch of one of the lawyers looking over his contract and said “fuck it” pulled out both of his guns and robbed the lawyer along with the other 13 people in the room.  The other two record deals were lost because the Feds raided during the signing and he never got to finish writing his name.

Like most present day rap artists, Shoot U’s buzz began on the streets before record labels even had a clue to his presence.  A couple of mix tapes sold out of the trunks of cars, a good YouTube following, and it is possible to become hip hop royalty.  Shoot U, born Nathaniel Webster Adams, got a following from his mix tape as well… yes that is mix tape singular as in one (1).  Shoot U refused to spend money to press CD’s so he made people listen to his songs at gun point and just stole the $5 dollars he would have sold his CD for from them after the tape popped off.

For The Source Magazine’s Unsigned Hype review of Shoot U they wrote:

“This is the realist artist coming today, no other rapper around today can record songs so rich in street culture and so terrifying that you forget he is actually holding the entire Source staff at gun point until we finish our positive review…  Help!”

Crimes committed by Shoot U became easy to solve, when a victim made a complaint and informed a detective they were robbed to a soundtrack the cops knew who their man was.  Clifton Jelks remembers the first time he heard MC Shoot U “2004, sometime in the Spring, I saw him free styling near the tracks… I had to try to make the next train to get to work.  He had a gun.  Now I like my music raw as anyone else, I remember hearing NWA and being afraid to go to Compton.  I remember seeing Mobb Deep in concert and having to fight my way out the place  to get to my car and I will never forget how hard I pee’d on myself when Shoot U held that gun to my head and rapped about it.”

Innocent bystanders came outside on the wrong day

8 at night on a Thursday

I’m gone spray

It’s they job to get outta MY way

Be it a murder or a robberay

Aint no reason for the crimes a nigga commit

Guns illegal Car Stolen

Except for the bullets

Aint nuthin I own legit

From the street anthem “You Shouldn’t Have Been Standing There”

Many rappers call themselves ‘street reporters’ and rap about crimes they saw happen or heard about.  MC Shoot U rapped about things he actually did.  Shoot U’s career ended because… well, he rapped about the things he actually did.  His only album was released the week he was arrested for what would eventually lead to a life sentence.  The album titled “I Killed Willie Banks… REALLY, I KILLED WILLIE BANKS” it produced one hit song “I Be Selling Dope At My Girlfriend’s Place (2247 S. Bishop)”.  Ironically, MC Shoot U was arrested at 2247 S. Bishop on Chicago’s South Side, police said they received a tip on his whereabouts.  The streets miss you Shoot U… ONE.

Be A Black Republican… Hmmm

“I want to thank you, Mr. Speaker, for putting Mr. Juan Williams in his place.”

-Some random person to Newt

The Newtster decided he would push out his belief that Black kids do not have a work ethic.  Republicans ate it up.  He then decides he would say that Blacks should not accept food stamps but ask for pay checks.  Man is this a freaking buffet?  EAT IT UP Grand Old Party!!  They are, it has been pretty well-known that you do not make comments about people from other races, specifically White to Black, about being ‘put in your place’.  Man this feels good, this is the America I know and love, White people saying things with a Southern twang that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up and make me check the front of my house for burning crosses in the lawn.

“I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.”

-Rick Santorum

Damn Opie, you cooked something too?  This is the greatest Pot-Luck ever!!!  Even though you claim you did not say ‘Black’, there a few words I know when I hear a White person say them, one is ‘Black’ the other two begin with the letter ‘N’ and one of them is ‘NO’.

Oh you thought this country was past racism, you thought President Obama was the end of it?  This is just the beginning.  Embrace it, love it, these are the good ol’ days again.  This is what this country is built on, hate.  Sad thing is the Republicans were the party of choice for Blacks, and not too long ago.

Events can be targeted that can explain why the African-American community started off as Republicans, gradually, then sharply went to become Democrats.

First, Republican President Abraham Lincoln ‘freed’ the slaves.  No United States President has done more to get the Black vote than this and this is hard to top.  Bill Clinton put on some shades  and played sax on Arsenio, but that can’t come close to what Lincoln accomplished.  Even if it was a calculated move to get more troops for the North, former slaves couldn’t sign up to fight fast enough.  “What we’re free, Abraham Lincoln freed us?  I am about to go sign up and join his army… right after I slap master’s wife on her fat ass and wink at her.”

Second, Democratic President Franklin D. Roosevelt put people to work regardless of color.  Even though we were put out of work as soon as the troops got back home (Last Hired/First Fired… read about it if you went to public schools and your History text books were old and only went to 1938), it was nice to be able to afford both bread and salami.  Mrs. Roosevelt put some social programs in place that allowed Black people to get involved in issues and voice our opinion.  Thanks to the bread and salami money, we were able to bring a sandwich with us for lunch on those all day events hosted by the first lady.

Third, Democratic President Harry S. Truman said Black people should be able to fight in Europe, then along=side Whites in Korea.  Okay, this one is similar to Lincoln, getting stretched too thin and then North Korea decides they want to slap the USA around a bit… we never turn down the opportunity to serve our country.  Thanks President Lincoln and President Truman for giving us the opportunity to show we can die just like a White soldier.

Finally, and this is the sharp turn…  Presidents John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson put their support behind the Civil Rights movement.  Though, John F. Kennedy was a little slow in making moves, there have been rumors that he was attracted to Coretta Scott-King and thought finally having a sit down with this Rev. King fella might not be such a bad idea, if it means getting to meet the wife.  Real talk, brothers could understand this, because we were looking at Jackie Kennedy and saying “I’d hit that”!  Lyndon Johnson got so sick and tired of his fellow Southern Democrats questioning his loyalty, actions, and threatening not to support him for re-election he signed the Voting Rights Act as a huge middle finger to them, after that the Democrats could do no wrong to Black people.

Unfortunately, this caused a political problem for Black people.  We have voted for Democrats in one huge 90% plus ‘block’ that they could depend on without much effort.  The Left could sell us out on legislation with a smirk that screamed ‘what you gonna do, vote for them’?  Chuck D warned us on Can’t Truss It:

“Beware of the hand/When it’s coming from the LEFT”

Why should Republicans listen to the Black community, we are not going to vote for them and there seems to be more votes in not supporting us than in working with us.  Can’t really fault them for this, can you?  The best thing you could say about Republicans is they at least showed enough respect to us to limit their outright racism to one remark a week.  Forget that, there are votes in back-handed comments towards Black people.  The beauty of this new attack against the Black community is that they are framing it like they want to help us.

We have no work ethic!!!  Heard of slavery?  Nobody has worked that hard since Noah had to finish that boat before the rain started.

You want us to earn a check instead of getting food stamps!!!  We want you to hire us.

Crazy thing about the race issues the Republican Party has presented recently, I am 821 words into writing this and have not mentioned anything about Ron Paul until word 833.  Congressman Paul’s are outlandish, very outlandish… Unlike many people, I do not think Ron Paul is a secret Klan member.  I think he may actually still own slaves.  How else can he still have the ‘rebellious negro’ image in his head unless he has to constantly deal with run-aways, uprisings, and the occasional “Mandingo/daughter” incidents.

The door was so wide-open for comments like these to be made about Black people, the Republicans had to speak to Wal-Mart about how they handle the Black Friday midnight rush so not too people got trampled in the run on their ‘Roll-back’ sale on racism.  Who is to blame for this?  Black people… hush, hush DAMMIT!!!!  Yes I said it, Black people are to blame for this.  As a community we got so outraged in President Obama’s first year in office every time someone said something negative about him we accused them of racism and by March of 2010 we were exhausted.

Case and point, by the time Rep. Doug Lamborn used “tar baby” in reference to PRESIDENT Obama last July; Black people didn’t have enough energy, as a collective, to even see if Al Sharpton made an appointment with his hair dresser to touch up his perm for the press conference denouncing the congressman’s statement.  Republicans sat and waited for their beating, knew it was justified, and were going to take all they had coming.  Take it like a porn star they would. Nothing.  Not even a letter from Jesse Jackson requesting a paid position on a Board of Directors or face his on-call protesters every day until the next election.  I could see every red-blooded Republican rubbing their hands… “Iron my robe, we back”!  Forgive me for generalizing the entire Republican Party, but you opened the door for me.

What can the African-American community do to fight this?  Join them, no not in name calling; we did that after the first episode of The Jefferson’s aired on CBS in the 1970’s.  Actually join the Republican Party, yes I am saying become card-carrying members of the Republican Party.  If you live in a state where you have to declare a party affiliation, switch to the Republicans.  Stop cussing at your computer screen… I’m serious and I have a point.

When Republicans know that we can swing the vote in a candidates favor, they will make it a point to respect our community.  Of course we are not voting for the most electable Republican, depending on how pissed off they make us, we are turning the tide in favor of the most flawed and fucked up Republican you got.  This year… HELLO RON PAUL!!!  Republicans don’t piss us off, maybe we don’t show up to vote (honestly we are pretty good at that), piss us off and Michelle Bachman is still polling high enough to keep running.

We can vote for whomever we want to in the General Election and honestly, the Republicans are correct we blindly vote for whatever late 40/early 50-year-old the donkeys roll out.  It does not matter who, we forgive their shortcomings.  We forgave Obama for going to an elitist church in Chicago and putting together an exploratory committee to see if he had a chance to be elected President, before he was sworn-in to serve the people of the State of Illinois that elected him and placed him on the national stage in the US Senate.  We forgave Bill Clinton for attacking the hip-hop generation for expressing their concerns with the treatment they received from law enforcement and general lack of concern from the government.  Not to mention the early rumors of him cheating on Hillary.  We even forgave him from going out for jogs with the media tagging along wearing shorts hugging his nuts so tight that Larry Bird and the rest of the ’83 Boston Celtics thought were obscene.

History forgave Abraham Lincoln for saying “If I could save the Union without freeing any slave I would do it, and if I could save it by freeing all the slaves I would do it; and if I could save it by freeing some and leaving others alone I would also do that. What I do about slavery, and the colored race, I do because I believe it helps to save the Union”.  Lincoln later expressed an opposition to slavery, but admitted he did, in fact, free slaves to save the Union.  One of the reasons why Black people can vote today, why eventually we could own land, be accepted to universities and colleges across the South, and I could one day write this is because it was a political move in the best interest of one side of a debate on race that allowed it to happen.  In the best interest of today’s debate about race, a strategic political move would be raiding the Republican Party Primaries and forcing their candidates to respect us by respecting our ability to vote, maybe not for them but against them.  There is power in having the ability to fire people, ask Mitt.

I feel like a Black Republican, money I got comin’ in
Can’t turn my back on the hood, I got love for them
Can’t clean my act up for good, too much thug in ’em
Probably end up back of the hood, I’m like “Fuck it then”

Nas featuring Jay-Z- “BLACK REPUBLICAN”